Client Testimonials
“We have had the privilege of working with Robco for a number of years, representing our company to several retail partners. The Robco team has an in depth understanding of the retail marketplace, our products and services, and most importantly, the retailers we serve. They play an integral role in helping us manage and grow the business. They are truly a value added asset to our organization.”
Scott, National Sales Manager, Housewares Company

“As a buyer for a major retailer, I have worked with Robco in multiple categories over the years. I have always been impressed with their professionalism and ability to get things done in an organized and timely fashion. I always knew I could count on them to help drive my business forward and would categorize them as a top rep agency.”
~ Sr. Merchant, National Retailer

“Robco has done a great job representing our company. They have comprehensive knowledge of the account including relationships with virtually all key decision makers. They have a thorough understanding of the systems and procedures of our customer and make suggestions for creative and successful sales strategies. They strike an ideal diplomatic balance in representing our company as a supplier to the retailer.”
~ Leigh, Sales Manager, Décor Company

“The Robco rep I worked with was one of the most articulate, focused, and charismatic reps I worked with during my tenure at a major retailer. Too many suppliers are simply focused on selling in product with minimal maintenance and a high yield. What set him apart is how he helped create a successful program by managing every skus performance every week and brought invaluable performance to the business with a positive approach.”
~Sr. Merchant, National Retailer

“Robco has always represented our company at a very high level. They have a team approach to managing our business on multiple levels — sales, forecasting, inventory management and logistics. The support staff is second to none; well versed in the account details and always eager to help. Robco played a major role in our company winning a recent Vendor of the Year award.”
~ Mark, Director of Sales, Housewares Company

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Robco organization for 14 years. They are truly the best of the best as it relates to professionalism, preparation and follow up. You can always count on the Robco team to deliver on their commitments year in and year out. We plan to continue our partnership with Robco for years to come and winning in the marketplace with out key national retailers.”
~ Mark, Sr. Vice President, Major Retail Supplier

“I have had the pleasure of working with Robco since 1996. I was so impressed with them, that when I changed companies I brought the new product line over to Robco. Point blank, Robco delivers results. They have entrenched relationships at all levels of management, allowing access that a vendor without representation would be hard pressed to duplicate. During line reviews and negotiations their advice and expertise is invaluable to the supplier. In many cases their advice saved us margin that we were willing to give in order to grow our business. Robco thinks outside the box as well. For one line review Robco invested in fixtures so we could show the buyer exactly how the plan-a-gram would look. The net result of working with Robco over the next three years yielded a 6x growth in dollar volume for our company. Robco’s support team in their office is second to none. they are well informed and able to assist the vendor in anything needed. Most important of all, Robco is a respected agency within their marketplace. Without hesitation I highly recommend the Robco team.”
~ Eric, Sales Director, National Retailer